LCNK Property Monitoring

It is that time again, when we go out and visit all of all the properties that the LCNK owns or holds a conservation easement on.  We have wetlands and uplands and working farms.   If you would like to come out with us, we would love to have you.

The purpose of these “monitoring” visits is to observe the condition of the parcels, with an eye toward encroachments, management issues, conservation easement violations, etc. We try to get to all of our parcels once a year.  Most visits last an hour to a few hours.  We usually go out once a week or so during the months of May and June.  You can come out one week, or come out onto a number of properties.

If you would like to come out with us, please let me know.  Once we know who is interested, we will get in touch with you to try and figure out when to go.


Walter Berry
Stewardship Chair, LCNK
Cell Phone: 401-932-9591


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