Interested in a Walk of Hazard Farm? Join us on Saturday August 19th!

Land Trust Days Event – Walk of Hazard Farm on August 19th at 10 am!

Join Town Historian Tim Cranston for a walk through the history of North Kingstown to learn of

the important role of Hazard Farm and the Hazard family, dating back to before the Revolution.

As a privately owned farm, this is a rare opportunity to learn of its history while celebrating its

restoration as Lucky Stone Farm. LCNK naturalists will also share unique stories about the plants,

animals, and geology of the region. The walk will be about 1 mile in length, over uneven terrain.

Please plan to be outdoors (e.g., wear sturdy walking shoes, sunscreen and bug spray; bring a

water bottle). No dogs allowed.  SEE our Events Link for more Details!

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