A big THANK YOU to all of our partners who helped make these conservation efforts happen!  They include the Town of North Kingstown, RI DEM, USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service, and private citizens.

Properties Owned by LCNK





Date Conserved


Size (ac)

Bush Hill* 11/2011 2.45
Butler – Pickel 12/2004 13.04
Boone Street 10/2009 0.97
Feather Bed Mill* 12/2005 1.2
Pendar Road 12/1994 0.56
Pine River 10/2010 9.7
Potter Road 7/1995 1.31
Route 4 12/2005 4.42
Shore Drive 5/2009 0.11
Shore Drive 2 08/2010 0.06
Wild Goose Point 3/2010 6.5
TOTAL 40.32

*Sites open for public visitation


Conservation Easements





Date Conserved


Size (ac)

Delvecchio Farm 7/2008 47
Freeborn Farm 8/2008 27
Hazard Farm 7/2009 17
Healy Farm 4/2016 38.6
Morningstar Farm 9/2005 57
Pojac Point 12/2009 10.7
Fletcher Road 7/2017 37.4
TOTAL 234.7

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Feather Bed Ln – Annaquatucket Mill

Corner of Annaquatucket Rd and Feather Bed Lane 1.2 acres of floodplain woodland divided by 2 branches of the Annaquatucket River Annaquatucket River used by several species of herring for spawning runs Property donated in December 2005/ January 2006 by Michael Nelson and Barbara Nelson Wright in memory of their father, Martin Nelson, owner and …

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